Minted x West Elm | Art Challenge

Voting is open in the “Minted x West Elm” art challenge, and I've got several entries I think you're going to like!

I was burning the midnight oil earlier this week while submitting some new entries to the “Minted x West Elm” art challenge.  Submitting my work to these challenges are probably the most nervously excited you'll ever see me. It's always a risk not knowing how my submissions will be received but I feel really good about all of them. There was a whopping 6,000+ entries for this challenge. Many beautiful works from amazing Artists world wide. My submissions includes everything from photography, watercolor, acrylics, ink, textures, and digital media.

How do you cast a vote?
Today is the first official day for voting so voting is officially open, and here's your chance to vote. Voting ends on February 15, 2017 at 10am PT. To vote on any (or all) of my entries, you must be a member of Minted firstly. Then while you are logged into your Minted account, just click on each art print image displayed below, and cast your vote.  All entries are rated on a scale of 1 ( meaning it's "not so much" liked), and as high as 5 (meaning you "love it").  So the higher the number you rate it, the more you love it.

Who decides which artists get into the Minted collection? 
Minted challenges are voted on by their users, and the winners are picked to be sold on Minted based on those results.

Here's my entries...

Shadow Dancer by Alicia Youngken

Living Lucid by Alicia Youngken

La Feminina by Alicia Youngken

Splendour by Alicia Youngken

Suspended by Alicia Youngken

Living Large by Alicia Youngken

Eye On You by Alicia Youngken

Linger Longer by Alicia Youngken

Round About by Alicia Youngken

Timid & Tender by Alicia Youngken

Random Kind by Alicia Youngken

Gather & Gaze by Alicia Youngken

Mizzling Musings by Alicia Youngken

Carry On by Alicia Youngken

Modern Refraction by Alicia Youngken

Kind Round by Alicia Youngken

Thanks so much for checking out my work, and for your support! I'd love to hear your feedback, and to know if you have any favorites. Feel free to use the comment area below.
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