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Sharing my latest entries into the Minted | Make a Statement Large Format art challenge. 

Hope you had a blessed and Happy New Year! So excited at what's in store for 2018 and to dive right in and kick it off, I'd like to share my latest entries into the Minted | Make a Statement Large Format art challenge entries. There was a whopping 5,225 entries from very talented artists from across the globe. And as of today Voting is Open which means you get to cast your vote and by doing so, you become a curator of the Minted Marketplace Here's a few previews of some of my entries. A complete list of my entries are further down on this post. 

 Clandestine by Alicia Youngken (photo by

 Fluid Odyssey by Alicia Youngken (photo by

Blue Abalone by Alicia Youngken

How do you cast a vote?
Today is the first official day for voting so voting is officially open, and here's your chance to vote. Voting ends on JANUARY 24, 2018 at 10am PT. To vote on any (or all) of my entries, you must be a member of Minted firstly (which is free btw). Then while you are logged into your Minted account, just click on each art print image displayed below, and cast your vote.  All entries are rated on a scale of 1 ( meaning it's "not so much" liked), and as high as 5 (meaning you "love it").  So the higher the number you rate it, the more you love it.

Who decides which artists get into the Minted collection? 
Minted challenges are voted on by their users, and the winners are picked to be sold on Minted based on those results. So if you cast your votes, your quite literally are helping curate Minted wall art Marketplace. Pretty cool, right?

Here's a full round up of all my entries below. Feel free to click on any of the links below the images  to go directly to the voting page, and thanks in advance for your support...

 | 1 | Fluid Odyssey by Alicia Youngken;   | 2 |  Stories Unfold by Alicia Youngken

 | 3 | Kindred Noir by Alicia Youngken;   | 4 |  Blue Abalone by Alicia Youngken

 | 5 | Eggsie by Alicia Youngken;   | 6 |  Little Whispers by Alicia Youngken

| 7 | Clandestine by Alicia Youngken;   | 8 |  Soho Odyssey by Alicia Youngken

| 9 | Diptych (i) by Alicia Youngken;   | 10 |  Diptych (ii) by Alicia Youngken

| 11 | Horizon Endo by Alicia Youngken;   | 12 |  Chance Odyssey by Alicia Youngken

happy voting, and thanks again for your kind support!

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