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I'm so excited to announce that voting is officially open in Minted's current challenge "Walls That Wow, Minted x Pottery Barn, PBteen, PBkids". Winners are chosen by you, the Community Members so here's your chance to voice your vote, and help curate the winning fine art prints.

This is the third official Minted x Pottery Barn, PBteen, PBkids Challenge.

It's an opportunity of a lifetime for an Artist like me, and I'm super, SUPER excited to be a part of it. The past challenges have produced some exceptional fine art work winners, and I am blessed that one of my fine art pieces "Behind the Lens" was among those winners in the first year this challenge was launched. This piece won't be there forever, so if you'd like to check it out or purchase my print now is the time, you can find it here!

For this current challenge entitled "Walls That Wow: Minted x Pottery Barn..." there is a whopping 5476 total entries, and I was able to create and enter 14 individual fine art prints that I hope will inspire kids and families, and compliment any kids room, play room or home. For this challenge, I focused on my strengths, and a few things that stand out when it comes to any of my artwork that has been a winner in past challenges like: simple, minimal, limited color palette, lots whitespace, organic or hand drawn, etc.

I also focused on subjects that I love or that I find intriguing like the whale, zebra, botanicals, etc. I also focused on my kids, who inspire me every day. Let's just say a lot love went into each fine art print. What's new is that I also submitted some gold foil fine art entries. I've always loved gold foil as it adds a versatile flavor and interesting detail to a piece.  Below is a roundup of all my entries. You can click on any image to take you to the voting page for each. Thanks so much for visiting and for your support!

The colorways...

I wanted to introduce some new colors, and texture on a few of my entries but I think most of my entries are quite versatile or neutral.

How to cast your vote?

Today is the first official day for voting. Voting ends on OCTOBER 9, 2018 at 10am PT. To vote on any (or all) of my entries, you must be a member of Minted firstly (which is free btw). Then while you are logged into your Minted account, just click on each art print image displayed below, and cast your vote. All entries are rated on a scale of 1 ( meaning it's "not so much" liked), and as high as 5 (meaning you "love it"). So the higher the number you rate it, the more you love it.

Who decides which artists get into the Minted collection? 

Minted challenges are voted on by their users, and the winners are picked to be sold on Minted based on those results. So if you cast your votes, your quite literally are helping curate Minted wall art Marketplace. Pretty cool, right?

Here's all my entries below
Feel free to click on any of the images to go directly to the individual voting page to cast your vote.

Alternately, you can see all my entries sorted on two pages by Artist name as follows:
*this is my preferred method to vote
  •  on this page (3 of my entries are displayed at bottom of page), 
  •  and also on this page (11 of my entries are displayed on this page). 

I would love your feedback, and to hear which one(s) are your favorite. Thanks again for your support!
stripes the zebra
autumn delight
whale of a tale
the chirring
the charming
the chance
manda the panda
xoxo hugs and kisses
dear dala
whale watch
early bird


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