Minted x PBkids x PBteen Voting is Open

The "Minted x Pottery Barn Kids x Pottery Barn Teen" Round 5 Art Challenge is now officially open for voting. Once again you, the Community Members, have an opportunity to curate the winning fine art prints.

So excited to participate in this years "Minted x Pottery Barn Kids x Pottery Barn Teen" art challenge with 4 submitted entries. I've made it easy for you to cast your vote by linking each image to the voting page.

How to cast your vote?

Voting has officially kicked off, and ends on Tuesday, September 2, 2020 at 10am PT. To vote on any (or all) of my entries, you must be a member of Minted (which is free btw). Then while you are logged into your Minted account, just click on each art print image displayed below, and cast your vote. All entries are rated on a scale of 1 ( meaning it's "not so much" liked), and as high as 5 (meaning you "love it"). So the higher the number you rate it, the more you love it.

Who decides which artists get into the Minted collection?

Minted challenges are voted on by their Community members, and the winners are picked to be sold on Minted based on those results. Additionally there are Editors Picks that are also chosen. So if you cast a vote, your quite literally helping curate the winners. Pretty cool, right?

Here's all my entries below

Feel free to click on any of the images below to go directly to the individual voting page to cast your vote.

Alternately, you can see all my entries sorted on one single page by Artist name, as follows:
*this is my preferred method to vote but it's totally up to you.

Additionally, I would love your feedback, and to hear which one(s) are your favorite. Thanks again for your support!

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