New Stock Image Library Membership Coming Soon!

Hello, and welcome to the brand new blog of East Coast Pixxi Collective, images by Alicia Youngken. For the better part of a year (that's right an entire year), I've been hard at work behind the scenes creating a new Stock Image Library Membership site.  It took me months just to make decisions about how I was going to set this up so a bunch of time went into research, trial and error, and investing in better equipment before I made some solid decisions about all the working parts.

The new stock image site is called East Coast Pixxi Collective™. Since I'm based in the Atlanta area it's a name that just stuck. The site is still several weeks from launching, but I thought it was a good time to start announcing updates, and to share some new image collections that will be available to members. If you're not totally familiar with my work you can find me on Creative Market. I have two individual shops, one that focuses on Stock Photo's, and the other focuses on ready made designs. To check out my work:on Creative Market you can visit CM Stock Photo Shop, and my CM Design Shop. Both shops are an absolute labor of love, and I'm honored to be a part of the many talented artists set up shop there.