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Hello! I'm Alicia, an artist, designer, and natural light photographer, and a first generation Cuban American based in Atlanta.  I've always been passionate about the arts, am primarily self taught in most areas and a sponge for learning. My creative journey has evolved over many years, and have lead me to focus and specialize in fine art prints, illustration and design, and in creating digital design resources and backgrounds for creatives and businesses both large and small. 

I love finding inspiration mostly through nature. I'm a huge fan of vintage finds, and modern designs and interiors, and I tend to gravitate towards minimalism, and love me some textures, organic patterns and illustrations, and a touch of light, and color details. 

When I'm not working (and lets be honest, creative work can always feel like play), I can be found drinking coffee, taking photos, sketching or painting, listening to music (I'd say mostly 90's grunge), not cooking (just not my gift), binge watching Nexflix with my hubs, exploring film photography with my 35mm Pentax, working on my hand lettering skills, horse back riding on occasion, or my favorite... spending quality time with my family and friends.

I am also the owner and designer behind Feather & Sage Design Co. creating thoughtful ready to use design resources that hopefully will save you time on your next creative project. I gravitate towards a 'vintage meets modern' design style which is often reflective in the work I do. You can check out me design shop on Creative Market.

Thanks so much for visiting, and if you have any questions or if you are interested licensing my work, fees free to click on the contact at anytime by clicking on the Contact button found here.

Enjoy the day!


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